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The 1 Question That Will Change Your Life Forever

For years, I've held a belief that has profoundly impacted my life: the quality of our lives is directly proportional to the quality of the questions we ask ourselves.

Today, I'm excited to share with you the most pivotal question you can contemplate—a question I ask myself daily, one that possesses the power to redefine your existence, provided you engage with it sincerely.

Before we dive into this life-altering question, let's briefly explore why the questions we pose to ourselves are so crucial to our personal development and well-being.

Our lives are largely guided by a set of unconscious beliefs, thoughts, and emotions—our programming, so to speak.

Think of it as the TV guide of your life. For those who grew up in Australia, remember Cheez TV?

It was the highlight of my morning as a kid, especially when they showed Dragon Ball Z. I got so hooked on this routine that even when my favorite show was no longer airing, I kept watching whatever came on.

It took a moment of wondering why I was still tuning in to a show I didn’t like for me to start questioning my habits.

That’s the thing—most of us live on repeat, doing the same things every day, even if we’re not that into them anymore. That’s where the power of questioning comes in. By asking ourselves the right questions, we can break out of the loop and start making decisions that are more in line with what we actually want.

Questions have the remarkable ability to challenge our worldviews, prompting reflections on our decisions, behaviors, and underlying beliefs. They encourage us to step outside our automated scripts and make conscious choices, breaking free from unhelpful patterns.

So, What’s the Magic Question?

Ready for it? The question you need to ask yourself is: “Who am I becoming?”

This isn’t just any question; it’s the kind that can shift the way you see your life.

Every choice you’ve made has led you to where you are now. But the beauty of life is that you can always make new choices to start shaping a different tomorrow.

Asking yourself “Who am I becoming?” every day is like giving yourself a fresh start.

It’s a chance to think about who you want to be and start moving in that direction.

You have the power to change your life, but it starts with being aware and making choices from that awareness.

How Do You Make This Question Work for You?

Grab a journal—old-school pen and paper works best. Every morning, spend 15 minutes with this question. Imagine you’re setting down all the baggage from your past and giving yourself a clean slate to draw on. Don’t worry about coming up with the perfect answer. This is your time to explore and dream about who you can be.

If you’re not sure who you want to become, think about different parts of your life, like your health, your mind, your family, love life, money, job, and even your spirit.

Describe how you want each part to be, in detail. Dream big—there are no limits here.

After this, you should have a clearer picture of who you want to become, even if it’s just the beginning. Give this version of you a name—this is your “future self.”

This person exists; they’re just making different choices.

Now, life will test you.

You’ll face moments where you have to choose between old habits and the habits of your future self.

Imagine your future self is super healthy, eats right, and hits the gym regularly.

When you’re offered cake at work, ask yourself: What would my future self do?

When your mates ask you to go out but you tell yourself you are going to work on your new business idea. What would your future self do?

You planned to jog before work, but the bed feels so comfortable. Would your future self hit snooze or go for the run?

This is your moment to choose. Will you stick to your new path, or will you fall back into old patterns?

It is in these moments that true growth happens. The person you desperately crave to be is shaped by the decisions you make today.

These are your tests. There are no excuses for you anymore, you know what the future you will do.

It is up to you now to be able to break the programming and make new decisions, a decision that is aligned with the future self.

Or to keep replaying the programming and continue to walk the path you are currently on.

Understand that becoming your future self doesn't happen overnight.

There's no magic solution or instant success. It's about making small, consistent choices that move you in the right direction.

Your future self has a clear goal and uses this as a guide for every decision made.

Each day, you're essentially voting for the person you want to be through your actions.

Stick with it over time, and you'll create solid evidence that you are becoming the person you aim to be.

That is the process of becoming.

Thinking --> Doing --> Being.

That's the real power behind asking yourself, "Who am I becoming?"

Putting It All Together

I encourage you to do this every day because doing this every day strengthens the vision you have of your future.

The more strokes you put on the canvas the more it starts to turn into reality.

It is also important to know that things might change for you, you might realise that you want to do different things or walk down a different path, and that’s okay, because it is your choice.

Remember, every step forward, no matter how small, is a step towards becoming the best version of yourself.

I wish you well.


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