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3 Steps To Overcome Your Fear of Failure

Ever pondered this: "What would I do if I knew I couldn't fail?"

Today, we're digging deep into the heart of that question - the fear of failure.

This fear is like a lurking shadow in our minds, holding us back from pursuing our dreams.

It's like driving with the handbrakes on. You can step on the gas all you want, but with the brakes engaged, you're stuck in a slow, inefficient, and frustrating journey.

But why does this fear paralyze us, and how can we overcome it?

Starts with understanding fear.

What is Fear?

Fear, while often linked to our thoughts, is profoundly a physical experience.

Let's compare fear to encountering a snake.

The instant you spot the snake, your body kicks into high gear. Adrenaline surges, your palms sweat, and your heart pounds in your chest. Your body has perceived a threat and is preparing you to either fight or take flight.

Fear of failure functions in a similar way.

When we consider a task that could lead to failure, our bodies react. We might feel a pit in our stomach, a tightness in our chest, or a rush of heat.

Our bodies respond to the threat of failure as they would to a physical threat, and this physical response, this fear, can stop us in our tracks.

In my time working with others, I have noticed that 'fear of failure shows up in 4 ways:

  1. Procrastination

  2. Self-Sabotage

  3. Avoidance

  4. Perfectionism

So, take a moment to reflect on this:

What have you lost by letting the fear of failure dictate your actions?

Is it the dream job you never applied for, the business idea you never pursued, or that skill you never mastered? This thought serves as a reminder of fear's power over our lives.

Don't worry, though, fear also has its upsides. It can expose the areas in your life that need growth.

My Journey with Fear

In my journey, everything I've ever aspired to was on the other side of my fear of failure.

• The freedom to set my work hours.

• The luxury to own my time.

• The joy of playing tennis during the day.

• The pleasure of taking holidays without needing permission.

These perks graced my life when I braved the fear of failure and took the leap into entrepreneurship.

I assure you, you can conquer your fears too. Though overcoming the fear of failure isn't easy, it's achievable with commitment, patience, and self-compassion.

Here are a few strategies that have helped me breakthrough my fear of failure:

Step 1: Name Your Fear

When you walk through a dark corridor it is a scary feeling.

It's filled with uncertainty and potential obstacles.

But switch on a flashlight, and the path ahead becomes clear, and the fear subsides.

Naming your fear is like flipping that switch. It transforms your fear from a spooky mystery into a familiar challenge that you can tackle.

Whenever you feel those uncomfortable sensations or feelings arise in your body, start to give it a name.

Name it something that will make you laugh. T

his will help you easily be able to identify when it is happening and will allow you to feel into it.

The more you feel into it and let it be, the quicker that feeling begins to fade away.

Step 2: Change Your Perspective

Fear often feels like a massive wall blocking our path.

But what if we perceived fear not as a wall, but as a bridge?

Yes, crossing this bridge might be tough, but it leads us to our goals.

By viewing fear as a stepping stone instead of a roadblock, we can change the way we handle our fears. Remember, fear often serves as the gateway to our dreams.

Step 3: Embrace Courage

Think of it like playing a challenging video game, where you're up against a formidable boss.

Sure, it's intimidating, and you might lose a few lives in the process.

But with every attempt, you learn something new, edge a bit closer to victory, and sharpen your skills.

Facing your fears is much the same.

It's not about never feeling scared but about moving forward even when you do. So, hit the 'start' button and confront your fears. With each round, you're leveling up in life's grand game.

Final Words

Fear of failure can often seem like an unshakeable shadow trailing us. But by naming your fear, shifting your perspective, and embracing courage, you can turn this shadow into a companion.

A companion that doesn't hold us back but propels us towards growth and our dreams.

Now, it's your turn. Face your fears, understand them, and see them not as roadblocks, but as doorways.

You own the power to redefine fear, transforming it from an obstacle into a key that unlocks your potential.

It's time to release the handbrake and speed toward success. Let fear be a driving force, not a constraint.

~ Stefan

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